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We Build The Remote Tech Team Your Business Needs

Our Software Developers, Testers, and Project Managers are ready for you.

We Are Your International Staffing Solution

Cafisglobal, Inc. is an offshore staffing solution company from the Philippines dedicated to helping SMEs in finding, building, overseeing competent remote tech teams that may consist of Software Developers, Testers, and Project Managers suited to your business needs.

Cafisglobal - Staffing Solutions

End to End Recruitment

Find the best talent and build your team that fits your need; from interview, background check to mentoring and onboarding.

We are a Trusted Partner in Building High-performing Offshore Team

We take care of building your team so you can focus on driving your business growth. No lock in, easy and cost-efficient. 

Cafisglobal - High Performing Offshore Team
Cafisglobal - Success behind your Business

We are the Professionals Behind your Business.

Cafisglobal, Inc. is the only solution to your offshoring needs. 


Offshore Operations Setup

Employ the right people and set up an office based in the Manila.


Workforce Management

We will oversee your team while you take full control over your offshore team.