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Cafisglobal - End to End Recruitment Philippines

End to End Recruitment

You have full transparency over our meticulous recruitment process, that includes a series of interviews, background checks and a strict adherence to the technical expertise your business requires.

The final decision is always yours.

Cafisglobal - Offshore Operations Set up Philippines

Offshore Operations Set up

Once we’ve hired the right people for your team, we employ them and set them up in our office based in Manila.

We provide them the following to ensure maximum productivity:

  • IT hardware (desktops or laptops)

  • Software tools (licenses, remote system access, etc.)

  • Security (access control)

  • Safe, accessible and comfortable office environment

  • Connectivity

Cafisglobal - Workforce Management Philippines

Workforce Management

While you have total control over your offshore team, we will assist in overseeing your team. Once you’ve hired, we handle all initial onboarding, HR, compliance and payroll. 

With Cafisglobal's 'family-like' and fun culture, rest assured your teams will be as productive and engaged as your in-house staff. Partner with us and we will help assemble the team that best suits your needs. 

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