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Building Your Offshore Team is Easy.

Why Choose Cafisglobal?

We have been providing SMEs with high-quality, high-performance offshore teams for almost a decade.

The only way for us to be successful is for you to be successful. Trust is an integral part of our business relationships. 


We strive for excellence in everything that we do, so we usually meet, and even exceed, our client’s expectations.


The cornerstone of our business is that we both honor our agreements and our commitments in full.


We believe that mutual respect is key to develop both effective teamwork and a healthy business relationship with our clients.


We believe that the people and the dynamics of the team are the engines of this operation.

Focus on what you need. We do the rest

  1. Give us your skillset requirements and your business goals.

  2. We recruit, evaluate, and employ tech talents best-suited for your project. You are free to get involved in the selection process.

  3. Selected candidates fully commit to your team under your leadership.

  4. We keep your offshore team driven, engaged, and productive.

We Keep Your Interests in Mind

While we look forward to cultivating a long-term business relationship with you, our terms don’t require long-term lock-in contracts.


Only the most qualified Python and React Developers, based on our initial consultation with you, are selected to be part of your dedicated distributed offshore team.


We provide your remote team with the administrative support, tools, and workspace they need to deliver, if not exceed, the results you require.


While you have full control over your remote team, as they report directly to you, you may choose to hire a Project Manager to act as liaison to ensure smoother communication.

Focus on driving your company’s growth.
We take care of all things administrative.
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